Through collaboration we can expand, evolve and create on a larger scale. Jennifer Kissling first opened the Re-Design Group’s doors with the vision of creating and managing interior design “dream teams”. Jennifer’s unique ability to assemble and manage these dynamic design teams has lead Re-Design upward to proven success. Providing the client with a sense of security, she responsibly project manages the teams in every aspect. The result is ease of mind, client satisfaction, efficiency, quality, and trend-setting design.  To find great joy in uniting notable interior designers and innovative real estate developers, her dream is ever present as she implements her powerful teams' creative vision.


We are a full service project management and interior design group whose proven success is evident throughout our diverse portfolio of interior design and development projects. Specializing in designing dynamic high-end interiors, innovative real estate development concepts, and powerful design teams that lead and inspire industry trends, we have 25+ years of experience designing and managing large-scale projects from conception to completion. We are known in the industry for creating innovative development concepts, designing elegant interiors with an artistic twist, and managing development projects with ease and grace. Our love of conceptualizing, designing, and project managing is evident in our completed projects as they reflect this positive and passionate vibe.


From the beaches of Florida to the mountains in Aspen, from the hip neighborhoods of Brooklyn to the Manhattan skyline, we find passion in our work. We specialize in modern private residences, historic preservation, adaptive re-use, mixed use, real estate development, remodels, commercial, and hospitality. We deliver concept, design, implementation, management, and exit strategy efficiently and effectively.


Jennifer Kissling is an entrepreneur with 25+ years experience as a consultant to the family Real Estate business, numerous Real Estate Developers, Fortune 500 CEO’s and NY’s top 50 designers. She has founded four socially responsible businesses, has a BA in Art History and is an Executive Board member for the non-profit Kigi Love. Her passion lies in creating innovative concepts for development, designing powerful teams of creatives’ to implement design concepts and managing multiple projects from a bird’s eye view. Jennifer also enjoys working with individual clients to design multi-million dollar high-end private residences, townhouses, apartments, lofts and vacation homes. She has worked on some of the largest residences in the United States.


If you follow your passion, honor your vision, and live with integrity, success is bound to follow. We believe in having fun. We value the entire process and inspire our clients to do the same. From initial concept to building plans, from shopping with clients to final installation, we make it a point to reflect and admire how far we have come together. Play hard, work smarter!